What are the best led grow lights for indoor plants?

The method of using LED grow lights for indoor plants instead of traditional lamps is not too new in the modern indoor tree planting model. Because it brings many great advantages for plants such as reducing energy costs, low heat emission, etc.

Therefore, many people wonder What are the best led grow lights for indoor plants? and where to buy Led grow lights to ensure quality, durability, and price. Today’s article would like to introduce some tips and useful information for those who are interested in growing indoor cannabis with Led grow lights.

What are the advantages of LEDs over traditional lights for plants?

The advantages of LEDs Grow Lights compared to traditional lights

  • Long service life

You may not know, Led’s life expectancy is 5 times longer than normal grow lights. Most importantly, LEDs can pass 50,000 hours compared to other lighting products.

In addition, the Lumen quality of LEDs is relatively stable throughout its life cycle, so that the quality of light is also quite stable for use.

  • Low energy cost

LEDs with significantly lower power consumption compared to other traditional lights. Specifically, LEDs with energy consumption from only 60% -80%, thereby reducing the electricity costs you have to pay monthly.

  • Low heat emission

Did you know temperature plays an important role in plant growth? The low heat emission of LEDs makes them more appreciated than other grow lights. Therefore, it helps planters easily control the environment for plants.

This means that, if you use LED for planting, it will not have to come with special cooling systems like normal lights.

5 best full-spectrum LED Grow Lights for indoor plants

  • MARS HYDRO Led Grow Light

MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light provides the natural light source, full-spectrum 3000K 5000K and IR 660nm 760nm, which is suitable for all kinds of growing plants indoors. The consumption index is 100W with 225 LEDs to help save maximum energy.

In addition, it has a Led light system with advanced energy, allowing rapid heat dispersion. Also, the aluminum material of the LED frame helps reduce light loss in walkways and walls, increasing light intensity by up to 20% so that plants can absorb more energy.

This LED is specifically designed to grow at home, and LED panels made by the aluminum can help it cool down effectively instead of using fans.

  •  ONEO Led Grow Light

ONEO Led Grow Light with the white LED devices provide high productivity from 1.2 to 1.6 grams/W when using 2 LEDs in a 3×3 and 4×4 grow area. Blue and red light are not the main spectra but essential spectrums, which helps to balance a stable light source that supplies plants.

At the flowering stage, you can arrange 2 LEDs to increase productivity by up to 50% higher for plants. The red and blue grow lights that illuminate indoor plants are the spectrum light that is only used for the VE phase.

This Led system will provide a total of 1000W evenly, effectively meeting the growth needs of the plants.

  • KingLED Led Grow Light

KingLED Led Grow Light has Veg/Bloom switches which are specifically designed to provide adequate light energy for the growth stages of plants. The Veg switch is blue LEDs and white LEDs which is only used for seed or nurseling growth states.

Bloom switches are red LEDs and white LEDs. In the flowering period, both Veg and Bloom switches can be used. KingLED LED grow light provides full-spectrum light from 380nm to 780nm (including UV + IR) natural light for plants in all stages of development from vegetables to flowers.

The LED operates at a temperature of 50°F to 60°F, which is lower than other lamps and it also increases the lighting time, promoting plant growth.

  • BESTVA Led Grow Light

This LED design has two 10W chips that are much brighter than the traditional 3W and 5W LEDs. There are 9 different LED strips to create a full-spectrum light, which helps indoor plants, vegetables and flowers grow best at stages as if they are directly contacting with natural sunlight.

VEG mode of BESTVA Led Grow Light is for planting, while BLOOM is for seedlings/flowering. Each day you can use it to illuminate for 12-18 hours. In particular, the holes on the aluminum and glass panels create perfect thermal convection

  • Phlizon Led Grow Light

Phlizon Led Grow Light is designed with high and stable power, providing higher brightness, smaller thermal endurance, less light attenuation, and longer service life. With a high PPFD index, the lamp can effectively promote rapid plant growth.

This LED Grow Light is much brighter than the traditional LED. In particular, light particles in many different bands will provide full-spectrum light for the plant.

This Led panel contains 4 cores, 68 pcs 630-660nm, 10 pieces 470nm, 6 pieces 6500k, 4 pieces 3000K, 4 pieces UV, 4 IR with a capacity of 400W helps optimize energy saving.

The LED is suitable for all herb/vegetable plants and can stimulate seasonal flowering.


Indoor gardening is a great way to prevent unwanted side effects and keep the tree in check. But if you use inappropriate LEDs, you won’t get the results you want.

As you can see, understanding the different types of led grow lights is not a difficult task. With this blog, it only takes a few minutes to fully understand What are the best led grow lights for indoor plants.

If you are serious about growing indoor cannabis, then taking the time to choose the best LED Grow Light is very worth doing.